Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sisse Marie - Kill For Your Love [EXCLUSIVE]

'Kill For Your Love' is a fan made collection by Danish Pop singer-songwriter, TV hostess and model, Sisse Marie. The album features all her singles released after her debut album in 2001. I love this singer, her vocals is amazing...


01. Kill For Your Love
02. Back To Life 
03. Till The Sun Comes Up
04. Armor
05. Paralyzed
06. Dirty Hands
07. Boom
08. Black Cat
09. My Boy
10. Raindrop
11. Every Time (You Look At Me)
12. Kill For Your Love (Slow Version)
13. Kill For Your Love (Video Version)
Bonus Tracks:
14. Back To Life (Version Y)
15. Raindrop (Version Y)
16. Armor (Version Y)
17. My Boy (Version Y)
18. Black Cat (Version Y)

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