Monday, December 23, 2013

Cristina Bizu - Morena [EXCLUSIVE]

'Morena' is a fan-made album by Romanian Dance/Pop singer Fashion Designer and Model Cristina Bizu. She is best know as the vocalist of DJ TomBoxer under the name Morena. The album features her singles released with TomBoxer. A single entitled 'Party Night & Day Is Allmost Ready' was promised but was never released, if you have or can get it, let me know. 


01. Summertime
02. Las Vegus
03. Bang!
04. Voulez Vous
05. Deep In Love
06. Hey 
07. Summertime (Club Video Version)
08. Las Vegus (Popcorn Version)
09. Deep In Love (Tom Boxer Electro Version)
10. Hey (Club Extended Mix)

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