Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stonefoxx - Stonefoxx [EXCLUSIVE]

Here is self-titled fan-made album by British short-lived girl group Stonefoxx, formed by Gem Allen (aka Rockfoxx), Stacy Burton (aka Popfoxx) and Lizzy Williams (aka Funkyfoxx). The album features th0ier Myspace songs rip, the 3 last songs aren't included to download, cause it's so rare and hard to find. So, if you have then or the songs in better quality, let me know, thnx.

01. Cruel Goodbye 
02. Come Closer 
03. What We Do 
04. Rewind 
05. The Calling 
06. Hot Summer 
07. Crystal Clear 
08. Pop Music* 
09. Set In Stone*
10. A Foxxy Little Christmas*

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